Boris Pokrovsky Chamber Stage
(Nikolskaya, 17/1)

Premiered on May 6, 2021.

Sung in Russian (The Diary of Anne Frank) and German (Weiße Rose).

Presented with one interval.

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Grigory Frid
The Diary of Anne Frank
Libretto by composer
Literary basis of the libretto – the genuine text of the diary of Anne Frank,
translated from Dutch into Russian by Rita Rait-Kovaleva

Udo Zimmermann
Weiße Rose (White Rose)
Libretto by Wolfgang Willaschek

Conductor: Philipp Chizhevsky
Director: Hans-Joachim Frey
Designer: Pyotr Okunev
Lighting Designer: Aivar Salikhov
Projection Designer: Vadim Dulenko