7.1 By purchasing a ticket to a performance at the Theatre, the Viewer consents to obey the general rules of public order within the Theatre building. Material damage caused to the Theatre by the Viewer shall be compensated in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.2 Public access to the Theatre and staff services are available no earlier than 1 (one) hour before the beginning of the performance. Entry to the auditorium is permitted after the first bell and is closed after the third bell.

7.3 The Viewer must follow the dress code of the event and cannot come to the Theatre in unappropriate clothing or accessories. i.e. No shorts, T-shirts or sandals. Audience members are prohibited from bringing outdoor clothing, beverages and/or food, flowers into the auditorium (House). Theatre reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person under the influence of alcohol.

7.4 In case of loss of the cloak-room ticket or any personal belongings left at the cloak-room, the Viewer must notify a Theatre employee or the cloak-room manager on duty.

7.5 During performances all devices must be switched off or switched to silent mode. To ensure the protection of copyright and other related rights, photography, film, video, audio recording or any other kind of recording technique or devices are strictly prohibited. All recording of performances, or fragments thereof, are prohibited without the expressed written permission of the Theatre’s management.

7.6 In order to protect the personal safety of visitors, it is expressly forbidden to bring the following items into Theatre premises: weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, staining and radioactive substances, piercing and cutting equipment, pyrotechnic devices, laser torches, alcoholic drinks, narcotics of any kind, suitcases, large packages or bags and pets. It is forbidden to wear clothing that may stain or have any other items that may stain the clothing of other viewers within Theatre

7.7 It is forbidden to go beyond the installed barriers, open the windows, sit or stand in the aisles and stairways in the House, enter premises or areas closed to visitors, apply labels and stick ads, posters and other products of content, display symbols aimed at inciting racial social, national and religious hatred.

7.8 Flowers brought for performers must be presented to theatre staff members who will deliver them to the artists.

7.9 In accordance with the Federal Law No 15-FZ dated 23.02.2013 “On the protection of citizens’ health from the effects of tobacco smoke and/or passive smoking,” smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere on Theatre premises.

7.10 To secure comfortable event attendance to persons with limited mobility, such visitors are granted special seats: Six (6) seats at the Historic stage and two (2) seats at the New Stage. Visitors of this category or their representatives notify the Theatre about their visit seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event by phone +7 (495) 455-5555. On the day of the event, the mentioned above persons with pre-purchased tickets must address to the ticket manager (central entrance, door number 10 of the Historical Stage or central entrance of the New Stage) with the request to usher them to their seats.