3.1. The following rules regulate the Buyer/Theatre relationship during the e-ticket purchasing process (or the purchase of tickets on the Special Programs) and are enforced in effect from the time the User logs in to the Theatre website.
3.2 Login to the personal account (registration of a new User) is made in the section “Plan Your Visit” on the official website of the Theatre ( As part of the logging in process, the User is requested to indicate his/her surname, name, e-mail and phone number. The User logs in to the Theatre website using his/her personal login name and password. By default, the User’s e-mail address used as login, password is generated automatically by the online purchasing system and is sent to the User’s e-mail on completion of log in (password may subsequently be changed independently by the User at his/her discretion). In case of loss of password, the User/Buyer can press the “Forgot Your Password” button or send an e-mail to this effect to the Theatre ( from their registered e-mail address.

3.3 By logging in to the Theatre website and pressing the relevant button, the User consents to abide by the established rules of online ticket purchasing and the rules of the attendance of the Theatre, selects the option of receiving news-letters and notifications, consents to the terms of processing personal data specified during registration, according to paragraph 3.2 of these Rules. In accordance with the Federal law of the Russian Federation № 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On personal data", this consent is granted for the implementation of any action (necessary to purchase a ticket) regarding the Viewer’s personal data, including (without limitation) collection, compilation, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (including transfer to the third parties), depersonalization, blocking, destruction. The User is responsible for all actions carried out on his/her behalf on the website and should immediately notify the Theatre of any unauthorized use of his/her name.

3.4 Theatre website offers the User to select a production he/she would like to attend and the date and time of the performances (productions for which tickets are available are marked with a “Buy Ticket” button). The User next selects seats from the seating plan which go into a shopping basket. Then the User is required to enter the name (name and passport number when purchasing via certificate) of the Viewer.

3.5 To complete the order the User is required to press a “Payment by credit card” and enter bank card data, after that he/she needs to return to the theatre's website by clicking a "Return to the site" button. The system will notify the authorization results.

3.6 The payment is proceed via authorizing server of the processing center with use of the bank cards of the international payment systems: VISA International, MasterCard World Wide. The User will be redirected to the payment gateways of the bank to enter card details. Connection to the payment gateway and information transfer is carried out in a secure mode using SSL encryption.

3.7 In case the User’s card-issuing bank supports the secure payment systems Verified by Visa or Masterсard SecureCode the secure password may be required. More information about the methods and the ability of the secure payment services can be clarified in the card-issuing bank.

3.8 Theatre website supports 256-bit encryption. The privacy of the provided data is ensured by the bank. Provided data will not be provided to third parties except as provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Payments by bank cards are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl. payment systems.

3.9 After receiving payment confirmation the e-ticket (or the Certificate) will be displayed in the User’s account.

3.10 Regulations of the e-ticket use: 
3.10.1 E-ticket should be printed by the Viewer on A4 paper; 
3.10.2 E-ticket gives the Viewer the right for a one-time pass through the automated control system. The ticket is valid only for the performance, date and time indicated in it.
3.10.3 E-ticket is valid for one person, indicated in the ticket as the Viewer, and does not require an exchange for the original ticket.
3.10.4 At the entrance to the Theatre the Viewer should keep his/her passport and show it to the controller if necessary.
3.11 The Certificate, purchased on the Theatre website, is to be exchanged for an ordinary ticket at the Theatre box offices before the performance. The Viewer (cardholder) should print it and provide to the Theatre box office located in the Management building (any day, but not later than 1 (one) hour before the performance); the Viewer should present his/her passport (birth certificate for minor child) and bank card to the cashier (the copies of the documents are allowed).

3.12 When purchasing the e-ticket (or tickets via Certificate) on the Theatre website, the User must pay attention on following conditions:
3.12.1 If the ticket sales are not opened the inscription "Soon on Sale" is displayed opposite the performance, the inscription “Sold out” means that the tickets have already been sold or are not available for sale. An empty field next to the title of the performance in the schedule of performances means that the ticket sales will not be carried out.
3.12.2 Performances, tickets for which are sold on special programs, are indicated with the inscriptions “Details”, “Buy ticket with the certificate”, etc.
3.12.3 Tickets in shopping basket should be paid in 20 minutes, after 20 minutes the unpaid ticket orders are automatically annulled.
3.12.4 In any one unpaid order there can be no more than 2 (two) tickets via the Certificate and 4 (four) e-ticket. If necessary the User can make several orders.
3.12.5 If there is an unpaid order in the shopping basket, the system will not allow making new order.
3.12.6 If two users select the same ticket at the same time, the order is retained by the User who selected seats and made payment first, the second order is automatically annulled.
3.12.7 In the e-ticket (opposed to the certificate) the system will automatically specify the User's name as the Viewer, if necessary the User should make changes in the ticket, otherwise the User may be required to be present at the control during the passage of the Viewer to the performance. In the certificate (opposed to e-ticket) the User is required to specify the passport number and the name of the Viewer when ordering, specified data is not subject to change.

3.13.1 The Theatre shall use the personal information provided by the User/Buyer only for the purposes of its Website organization.
3.13.2 The Theatre has the right to limit the User’s access to the Theatre website in case of violations of established rules.
3.13.3 The Theatre has the right to limit/suspend the work of the website without prior notice. The Theatre is not responsible for the temporary or permanent termination of the website’s work due to reasons beyond the control of the Theatre.
3.13.4 The Theatre is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss occurred due to the use or inability to use the website or due to the unauthorized access to it. The Theatre liability to the User is limited to the cost of purchased tickets, contentious issues between Theatre and User shall be settled via negotiations or, in case the negotiations have failed, they shall be regulated in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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