3.1.1 The following rules are enforced and in effect from the time the User logs in to the Theatre Website and they regulate the Buyer/Theatre relationship during the online ticket purchasing process.

3.1.2 By logging in to the Theatre Website and pressing the relevant button, the User consents to abide by the established rules of online ticket purchasing, consents to the conditions attaching to making available their personal details to the Theatre, selects an option for receiving Theatre news via their registered e-mail address.

3.1.3 As part of the logging in process, the User/Buyer shall fill in an application form where he/she shall specify his/her full name (as shown on buyer’s passport), his/her e-mail address (subsequently to be used as login), and contact telephone, after which the online purchasing system automatically generates a password and returns it to the e-mail address on completion of log in. The password may subsequently be changed independently by the User at his/her discretion.

3.1.4 In case of loss of password, the User/Buyer can press the “Forgot Your Password” button or send an e-mail to this effect to the Theatre ( from their registered e-mail address.

3.1.5 The User/Buyer is responsible for all actions undertaken in his name on the site and shall immediately notify the Theatre of any unauthorized use of his/her name.

3.1.6 After completing the logging in process, the User/Buyer is entitled to purchase in real time all tickets for Theatre productions offered for sale on its site.

3.1.7 The Theatre Website has two types of tickets for sale: certificates which can later be exchanged for the original tickets at the Theatre Box Office, or electronic tickets which the User/Buyer can print out independently in A4 format.


3.2.1 To purchase tickets on-line via the Theatre Website the User/Buyer shall have in his/her possession a valid credit/debit VISA or Master Card.

3.2.2 To purchase a ticket the User/Buyer shall sign in to the Theatre Website using his/her name and password and select a production he/she would like to attend plus convenient date and time (productions for which tickets are available are marked with a Buy Ticket button). An on-line ticket board alongside name of production indicates whether or not electronic tickets are available.

3.2.3 The User/Buyer next selects seats from the seating plan which go into a shopping basket and proceeds with the payment within (Please Note!) 20 minutes (after 20 minutes the unpaid ticket orders are automatically annulled: any money blocked within the system shall be returned to the User according to the conditions of the credit card company or issuing bank). The User/Buyer may then proceed with the purchasing process following the on-screen instructions.

3.2.4 In any one unpaid order there can be no more than 4 (four) tickets. If necessary the Buyer can make several orders except for the lst day tickets go on sale when only one order is allowed. Each order is to be paid for separately. The overall sum of the orders should not exceed 150 thous. roubles per day or 300 thous. roubles per month.

3.2.5 Prior to commencement of the payment procedure, the User/Buyer shall be required to give the name and surname of each Ticket holder, if this is not done the personal details of the User/Buyer shall be substituted. In this case (when several tickets have been purchased in the User/Buyer’s name), the User/Buyer shall be required to accompany the ticket holders to the performance.

3.2.6 After receiving payment confirmation, the User/Buyer will receive:
● an electronic ticket and receipt confirming purchase - in case of purchase of electronic ticket;
● a certificate-receipt which can be exchanged for the original ticket at the Theatre Box Office – in case of purchase of an ordinary ticket.
The above-listed documents are automatically sent to the User/Buyer’s e-mail address registered with the Theatre Website and to his/her Theatre online account.

3.2.7 The following terms and conditions apply to the use of an electronic ticket purchased on the Theatre Website:
● The printed out electronic ticket gives the individual referred to on the ticket as Spectator the right to be admitted to the Theatre to the performance for which the ticket is valid.
● On admittance to the Theatre the Spectator should carry proof of his identity with him in case it prove necessary to confirm his/her right to the ticket.
● An electronic ticket is valid for one person, it cannot be exchanged for the original ticket, and gives the right to one admittance to the performance for which it is valid.
● The ticket receipt confirms the fact that the ticket was paid for via the Theatre Website and should be presented should it prove necessary to confirm the holder’s right to it.


3.3.1 The Theatre shall use the personal information provided by the User/Buyer only for the purposes of its Website organization.

3.3.2 The Theatre shall reserve the right to refuse to issue tickets to the User/Buyer in those cases where there are doubts as to his identity and the authenticity of his personal documents.

3.3.3 In the case of infringements of established rules, the Theatre shall reserve the right to limit the User/Buyer’s access to the Theatre Website.

3.3.4 The Theatre shall reserve the right to suspend Website activity at any time without prior notice to the User/Buyer. The Theatre shall bear no responsibility for the temporary or permanent suspension of its Website service.

3.3.5 The Theatre shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from use of, or inability to use, its Website, or as a result of non-sanctioned access to its site.

3.3.6 The Theatre shall not be responsible for the timing of payment operations, including refunds, by the Payment system, or by banks and other third party organizations.

3.3.7 The Theatre liability to the User/Buyer shall be limited to the cost of purchased tickets, contentious issues between Theatre and User/Buyer shall be settled via negotiations or, should these fail, they shall be regulated in accordance with RF legislation.