9.1 Tours at Historical Stage are carried out based on Regulation on tour activities within schedule approved by Theatre administration on specific days and time for groups of 15 (fifteen) people of individual visitors in each group that is guided in Russian and English. Number of groups is determined by the designated staff on the tour day based on the number of visitors and Theatre capacity. Children of school age can only be accompanied by the adults and with the ticket.

9.2 Information about terms on tour ticket sale is available on the website in Your Visit section ( and is available at the box offices.

9.3 Tour tickets are sold on the actual day at the box office located at Historical Stag building (entrance № 12) as follows: staff will arrange the queue based on the number of people 15 minute prior the tour, by sticking special bracelet on hand with the number. Next, guest is allowed to purchase the ticket.

9.4 For convenience for guests who are not local citizens, registered Website users can purchase e-tickets online during specific days and time. Information about the date, time and terms is available in the section Your Visit on the website.

9.5 Group requests are accepted for 5 (five) to 15 (fifteen) people. Requests can be sent to in free format writing. It should include number of visitors, desirable date and time for a visit. Final decision if request was approved will be send via indicated in the request method; next, booking order will be arranged with the final date of the tour.

9.6 With purchased ticket (or e-ticket with ID), visitor enters through the gate control , joins the group and follows tour guide by specific route abiding safety rules and conditions set by the Theatre.

9.7 Refund or new tour ticket procedure is the same as stated in clause p.7 of Ticket Refund of the current Terms.