8.1 Theatre tours are conducted in accordance with the Regulations on excursions on the schedule approved by the management of the Theatre. There are Russian and English groups limited to 15 people in each group. The number of groups is determined by the authorized staff on the day of the tour, depending on the number of visitors and the working schedule of the Theatre. School-age children are allowed on a tour with a ticket and accompanied by adults.

8.2 Terms and conditions of Theatre tours ticket sale can be found on the website in “Plan your visit” section (https://en/visit/buyingnew/) and at the Theatre’s box office.

8.3 Tickets can be purchased on the day of the tour at the box office located in the Historic building (entrance №12) under the following conditions: 15 before the tour the authorized staff form the queue of visitors, by providing special bracelet with the number of the queue. Then the visitors are allowed to buy tickets.

8.4 For the convenience of non-resident visitors, the Theatre provides an opportunity to purchase tickets online. Please note, online purchase is available for tours set on defined date and time. Online purchase is available only to registered users. Information about the tours date as well as terms and conditions of tours ticket sale can be found on the website in “Plan your visit” section.

8.5 Inquiries for collective excursions by groups of 5 to 15 people are accepted from organizations. Inquiries can be send to e-mail: in free form, indicating the number of visitors, proposed date and time of visit. The organization will be informed about the possibility to satisfy the inquiry by the contacts specified in the letter, after which the final terms of the tour and the order of payment will be determined. 8.6 With the purchased ticket (the wisitor should have a ticket/e-ticket and passport) the visitor passes through the access control system, joins the formed group and, accompanied by a guide, follows a certain route, in accordance with the safety requirements and established rules of Theatre attendance.