1.1 The following document contains the basic provisions and regulations that govern the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller with respect to Theatre tickets sale process.

1.2 By acquiring a ticket to a performance at the Theatre, Buyer takes responsibility to follow the rules of the ticket purchase and of Theatre attendance.

1.3 A ticket with corrections and/or considerable damage, or counterfeited by anymeans, is invalid and frees Theatre of any obligations.

1.4 The buyer is fully responsible for the authenticity of the ticket in case it is bought privately from a third party.

1.5 One theatre ticket is valid for one person, regardless of age. Children under the age of 5 are not admitted to any Theatre events. Children ages 5 and over may visit matinees, children over 10 years of age may be admitted to the evening shows if there are no announced or posted age limits for a specific event.Tickets to the Theatre are available for purchase at the theatre ticket box office and on the official Theatre web site.

1.6 In case of an illegal purchase of the ticket, the ticket is rendered invalid and the Theatre management reserves the right to refuse the ticket holder admission to the event without any further liability to the Theater.

1.7 Advance booking for productions at the Historic and New Stages opens three months before performance dates; and in the case of concerts at the Beethoven Hall – two months before performance dates.
Thus for April performances at the Historic and New Stages and for March performances at the Beethoven Hall tickets go on sale as from the beginning of January; for May performances at the Historic and New Stages and April performances at the Beethoven Hall – tickets go on sale as from the beginning of February; and for June performances at the Historic and New Stages and May performances at the Beethoven Hall – as from the beginning of March.

The dates tickets go on sale can be checked on the Preliminary Ticket Sale Schedules on the Theatre’s website.

The Performance schedule is published on the Theatre’s website in accordance with the Preliminary Ticket Sale Schedules.
Thus, at the beginning of January, you can look up the calendar of events covering the period January to April on the site, at the beginning of February – May is added, at the beginning of March – June and so on.

The Bolshoi Theatre closes each year at approximately the same time: from end July to mid-September. The 2015-16 season ends on 27 July. The 2016/17 season opens on 10 September with performances by a touring theatre company. The Bolshoi Theatre Company’s own season opens on 18 September.