1.1 The following document contains the basic provisions and regulations that govern the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller with respect to Theatre tickets sale process.

1.2 Theatre ticket is a service agreement in the field of culture, and by acquiring it the Viewer takes responsibility to follow the rules of ticket purchase and of theatre attendance, and the Theatre takes responsibility to provide the service of hosting a performance on the set date and time specified in the ticket.

1.3The ticket is generated in the theatre’s automated information system in accordance with the Order № 257 of 17 December 2008 of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation; when purchasing at the Theatre box office the ticket is printed by a cashier on strict accounting forms, e-tickets purchased on the official website of the Theatre should be printed by the Buyer on plain paper.

1.4 Ticket sales are made at the Theatre box office, the tickets are printed on strict accounting forms (original ticket) and on the Theatre’s official website (e-ticket). Tickets can be ordered by phone: +7(495)455-55-55 and purchased at the Theatre box office.

1.5 Ticket sales through official distributors are made in accordance with the concluded agreements.

1.6 One ticket is valid for one person, regardless of age. The ticket contains following information: series, number, price, date and time of the performance, title of performance, row, place number and other details characterizing the organizer and the specifics of the service.

1.7 Children are allowed to the matinee and evening performances since the age of 5, to the evening performances – since the age of 10. In accordance with the Federal law of 29.12.2010 №436-FZ "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" when purchasing a ticket, the Theatre recommends to pay attention to age restrictions (information is indicated on posters and tickets); responsibility for non-compliance with the law rests with parents.
1.8 The entrance of the audience to the Theatre is carried out through the entrances indicated in the tickets (in case of absence of the entrance number – through the main entrance) with using the automated access control system (ACS).

1.9 At the entrance to the Theatre the Viewer’s documents are checked to confirm the entitlement to the e-ticket or the personified ticket purchased at the Theatre box offices on the Special Programs. If offences are discovered, the Theatre’s administration has the right to ban the Viewer from attending the performance without reimbursement.

1.10 The ticket with corrections and/or considerable damage, or counterfeited by any means, is invalid and frees Theatre of any obligations. The Buyer is fully responsible for the authenticity of the ticket in case it is bought privately from a third party.