Наталия Корчагина


Since 1974 Natalia Korchagina has been an actress of the Moscow Theater for the Young Viewer, where she has played the parts of Karamzina (Pushkin. Duel. Death), Nikulina (Do Not Part With Your Beloved), the Poppy-seed Seller (Thalelaeus).
Previously she also appeared as the Wolfess (The Silver Hoof, directed by Y. Vassilyev, 1980), Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing, directed by V. Levertov, 1981), Zina (The Heart of a Dog, directed by G. Yanovskaya, 1987), the Chinese Girl (The Nightingale, directed by G. Yanovskaya, 1988), Masha (Ivanov and the others, directed by G. Yanovskaya, 1993), the Queen (Jacques Offenbach, the Love and Ooh-la-la, directed by G. Yanovskaya, 1995), Gabrielle Tristan (Interdit au Public, directed by V.Akhadov, 1997), Ida (Farewell to you, and you, and you…, 2010).

Her principal cinema appearances have been in The God's Fish (1991), as Olga in The Young and Furious (2006), and in The Team of Their Own (2007).