Таисия Михолап


Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema.
In 1967 she joined the Lugansk Musical and Drama Theater, and in 1970 – the Rostov Youth Academic Theater.
Since 2006 Taissia has been part of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre, where she has played the parts of Charmian (Antony and Cleopatra. The Version, 2006), Nanina (The True Story of Marguerite Gautier also known as La Dame aux Camélias, 2007), the Nurse (Maleine, 2007), Mama Nyurik (Pizhranet, 2009), Shifra Puah (Enemies. A Love Story, 2011), Ariadna (The Time of Women, 2014).

She also appeared in TV-series: The Swallow (2000), An Assassin’s Diary (2002), The Codename (2003), Dasha Vasilieva, the Amateur Private Detective (2004), The Gypsies (2008), The Verdict (2009), A Man in My Head (2009), Gangs (2010), Criminal Teacher. The Sequel (2010), Moscow. Three Station Halls (2012), Peculiarities of the National Shuttle (2013), Dad for Sophia (2014), Angelique (2014).