Светлана Брейкина


Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in 1968 (course of Pavel Massalsky).
Since 1973 she has been acting in the Moscow Theater for the Young Viewer, where she has played the parts of: the Beggar, as well as the Horse, the Crow and the Townswoman (Alinur), the Convict (Lady Macbeth of Our District).
Previously, she had also played the parts of Vasilissa (The Two Maples, 1972), Alina (My brother plays the clarinet, directed by P. Khomsky, 1973), Lyuba (The Last Ones, directed by Y. Zhigulsky, 1976), la Duchesse d'Albuquerque (Ruy Blas, directed by Y. Zhigulsky, 1984), Maria Spiridonova (July 6, directed by Y. Zhigulsky, 1977), the Conductor and the Death (Petrushka, directed by O. Kiselev, 1990), Erika (Where are you, Phery?, directed by V. Belyakovich, 1986), the Wolfess (The Silver Hoof by Y.Vassilyev, 1980), the Abbess and Milady (Three Musketeers, directed by Tovstonogov, 1974), Margaret (Much Ado About Nothing, directed by V. Levertov, 1982), the Egyptian girl (The Heart of a Dog, directed by G. Yanovskaya, 1987), the Viper in Bosom (Who is to kiss the Tsarevna, directed by B. Rabey, 1997), Cleopatra (The Dulcinea, directed by V. Kramer, 2011). She also appeared in the following performances: The Nightingale (by G. Yanovskaya, 1988), Good bye, America!!! (by G. Yanovskaya, 1989), Jacques Offenbach, the Love and Ooh-la-la (by G. Yanovskaya, 1995).

Svetlana Breykina's cinema roles include: Svetlana, the PE teacher (The Unfinished Lesson, 2009), the Theater Porter (The Earth of People, 2011). She also appeared in TV-series as Kira Yevgenievna (The Hostages of Love, 2011), Alla Tikhonovna (Volkov's Hour 5, 2011), Tatyana Donetskaya (The Rook, 2012), the Museum Worker (The Angel on Duty 2, 2012), the Sanitation Center Official (The Prosecutor's Investigation, 2012), Ekaterina Prokofievna (The Twaddler, 2013), Vera Pavlovna (Lord, the Police Dog, 2013), Alyona Nikolayevna (Moscow. The Three Station Halls, 2013), Shkaptsova (The Investigation, 2013), the Shopper (Tankmen Do Not Leave Their Own Behind, 2013) and others.