Огюстен Майо


Born in 1989 in Tours, he was brought up backstage, surrounded by theatre costumes. At the age of 16, he crossed paths with Karl Lagerfeld who permitted him for several summers to attend, in the capacity of assistant, Chanel’s studio de creation. Two years later he started work at Chanel’s sport studio.
Simultaneously, he enrolled at Paris’ Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (College of Applied Arts) from which he graduated with a diploma in 2011.

After graduating he started work as art director at the Paris division of the Neville Brody designer agency Research Studios network. For two years he devised logos,
scenographies, illustrations and mock-ups for the agency’s prestigious customers such as Dior, Chloé, Kenzo, Who’s Next, Première Class, J. M. Weston.

At the same ti
me, in his capacity of stylist, he developed his own brand of clothes and accessories Géométrick, combining a sporting style with exquisite materials. The Géometrick collection has had a stunning success both in France and abroad.

Finally, as soon as he gets the chance, this multi-talented, gifted young stylist and artist-designer, sets off travelling the world over, taking photographs and doing sketches for
travel magazines, such as Air France Magazine.