Beethoven Hall

13 December, 19:30
Part I


“Son and Father Have Met” on poem by Alexander Prokofiev
(from “Five Choruses to Lyrics by Russian Poets”)

“A Wondrous Birth Have We Beheld”
(from “Chants and Prayers”)

“The King of Glory”
(“From the Old Testament”)

Three choruses from “Tsar Feodor Ioannovich”

“Sacred love”
“A verse of repentance”

“Reveille Is Sounded” on poem by Alexander Pushkin
(from "Pushkin's Garland")

“Sing Me That Song”
(from “Two Choruses after Sergei Yesenin”)

“Kursk Songs”, cantata after folktexts for mixed chorus and orchestra
1. Green Oak
2. You utter, utter, lark
3. Zvonyut The city chimes
4. Oh, woe, woe to my lebedonku
5. Vanka Bought myself a scythe
6. Nightingale my bleary
7. Across the river, for fast

Part II


“The Angel Cried Out”

“Blessed is the Man”

“Let my Prayer Arise”

“God is With Us!” ор. 40 №6


“We Sing to Thee”
(from “Liturgy of St John Chrysostom”, op.31, XII)

Bolshoi Theatre Chorus
Chorus Master: Valery Borisov