Into the world

Peer has many aspects.

Act I

The young Peer and his mother Aase. Peer's fantasy – the ride through the air.

Dance on the Haegstadhof – Ingrid's wedding. Peer sees Solveig. He cannot have her, and kidnaps the bride.

Flight into the mountains. Peer has Ingrid, and wants Solveig.
Solveig searches for Peer, Aase calls for him.

Phantoms or reality – the troll world. Peer meets The Green One. He allows himself to be seduced, but does not conform.

Solveig rings the bells.
Roundabout or through the middle to her Peer stands in his own way.
Alone, high up in the mountains Peer builds his house. Solveig comes to him.

Disruption – the past catches up with Peer. He cannot stay.

Aase is destitute. Peer comes to her, she dies. Peer leaves.

Act II
Out in the World – Illusions

Auditions for a show. The beginner Peer is noticed and is hired.

Revue theatre – "Rainbow Sextet". Peer draws attention to himself. He is successful.

Music Hall – "The Slave Handler". Peer builds his career.

Premiere party with the film star Anitra Peer is the centre of attention and courts Anitra.

At the cinema. Peer's star rises – Anitra's sinks.

Premiere party with Peer Gynt, the famous film actor. He is the new star.

At the film studio. Peer films "Caeser of the World". He is a megalomaniac, and loses control.

Asylum nightmare. Peer has lost himself.


Homecoming Memories. Ingrid's funeral. Solveig waits.

Peer searches for himself and finds Peer everyman.

Out of the World

Solveig recognises Peer. Peer recognises Solveig.