Plotless Passion Intensity

Ballet Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge is matched to Benjamin Britten’s magical music. In combination with ingenious choreography of Hans Van Manen it fosters exquisite and elastic scenes to appear – sensual universe of harmony and beauty imbued with life and movement. Set of five duets work miracles onstage chanting poetry with their bodies’ on relationship between Man and a Woman. Their dance – sudden and smooth, precise and free, temperamental and melancholic – creates changing fragments and composition like kaleidoscope of life. It is distinctive with elegant simplicity and emotional richness from within. The leading couple, Ekaterina Shipulina and Denis Rodkin set the tone. Stylish, stunning, ballerina with tremulous and gentle body, Shipulina, dances as she was meant for this part of Hans van Manen ‘choreography that is left understated’. Her partner is a great match, good-looking Denis Rodkin. Their variations, especially adagio, take your breath away with a sensual energy covered by tight expressivity that leads to enhancing acuity and passion intensity.

Evening Moscow, 20.03.2016

Translated by Anna Muraveva