Beethoven Hall

26 March, 19:30
Part I

Jack Fina
“Bumble Boogie”

Andrei Mustafaev


Composition on J.S. Bach`s themes and folk melodies

Andrei Mustafaev
“Jolly Pictures”

Suite based on themes by M. Mussorgsky

Igor Shamo
from the series “Peoples Friendship”

Part II

“Favorite movies”

Potpourri on themes from E. Ryazanov's films

“School of Ballroom Dance”
Odessa folklore


Max Fadeev

Vladimir Shakhrin
“Nobody Hears”

“Samson and Danila”

Composition based on folk melodies

Andrei Petrov
“Walking the Streets of Moscow”

Lalo Schifrin
“Theme from Mission: Impossible”

Cheerful Music Ensemble “BONQUINTON”
Vladimir Sergeev (violin)
Sergei Morozov (violin)
Dmitri Usov (viola)
Andrei Mustafaev (cello)
Sergei Afanasiev (contrabasso)