Beethoven Hall

22 December, 15:00
Part I

Sergei Rachmaninov
from the All-Night Vigil, op. 37 (1915):

No. 1 “Come, let us worship”
No. 6 “The Holy Virgin, rejoice”
No. 9 “Blessed Art Thou, O Lord”
Solo by Alexei Chernykh (tenor)  

Pyotr Tchaikovsky
from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, op. 41 (1879):

No. 9 “A Mercy of Peace”
Solo by Dmitry Gavrikov (tenor)  
No. 10 “To Thee we sing”
No. 11 “It is truly fitting”

Alexander Arkhangelsky
“Blessed is he that considereth the poor and needy” for tenor and chorus, op. 79 (ca. 1913)
Solo by Vasily Remizov (tenor)

Alexander Grechaninov
from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom No. 2, ор. 29 (1902):
“To the Holy Virgin diligently”

Pavel Chesnokov
from the “Hymns to the Theokos for the feasts of the Lord and the Blessed Virgin, of Znamenny chant”, op. 22 (1909):

No. 10 “The Angel cried out” for soprano and chorus
Solo by Anastasia Leonova (soprano)

from “Six Pieces for Mixed Voices”, op. 40 (1913):
No. 6 “God is with us” for tenor and chorus
Solo by Pavel Semagin (tenor)

Part II

Georgy Sviridov
Three choruses for the production of Alexey Tolstoy’s tragedy “Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich” (1973):
No. 1 “Prayer”
Solo by Tatiana Belova (mezzo-soprano)
No. 2 “Holy love” 
Solo by Snezhana Mironova (soprano)
No. 3 “A verse of repentance”

from “Chants and prayers» (1987-1997):
No. 13 “The King of Glory”
No. 14 “A Wondrous Birth have we beheld”

“Schedrik”, Ukrainian Christmas song
Arr. by Nikolay Leontovich

Russian folk songs and romances

“When the Fog have Set”, a lyrical soldier’s song
Arr. by Alexander Sokolov
Solo by Konstantin Dronov (bass)

“In the Dark Wood”, a round dance song
Arr. by Alexander Sveshnikov

Konstantin Sidorovich
“A Little Bell”, romance on a poem by Ivan Makarov (1856)
Arr. by Alexander Sveshnikov
Solo by Nikita Strashinsky (tenor)

“On a Hillock, on a Mountain”, a joky dance song
Arr. by Oleg Kolovsky

Vsevolod Buyukli
“A Gate”, romance on a poem by Alexey Budishchev (1898)
Arr. by Alexander Fliarkovsky
Solo by Anna Matsey (mezzo-soprano)

“Brooms”, a dance song
Arr. by Feodosy Rubtsov

“Twelve Robbers”, a ballade
Arr. by Sergey Zharov
Solo by Alexander Perepechin (bass)

“Barin’s Wife”, a joky dance song
Arr. by Anatoly Novikov

Chorus Master: Valery Borisov