Beethoven Hall
October 12, 19:00
I part

Romance from the film “The Gadfly”, Op. 97

Adagio from the ballet “The Bright Stream”, Op. 39

Trio No.2 for violin, cello and piano in E minor, Op. 67
1. Andante
2. Allegro con brio
3. Largo
4. Allegretto

II part

Six Romances to words by W. Raleigh, R. Burns and W. Shakespeare for bass and piano, Op. 62
1. “To His Son” to verses by W. Raleigh (translation by B. Pasternak)
2. “O wert thou in the cauld blast...” to verses by R. Burns (translation by S. Marshak)
3. “Macpherson's Farewell” to verses by R. Burns(translation by S. Marshak)
4. “Jenny” to verses by R. Burns(translation by S. Marshak)
5. “Sonnet LXVI” to verses by W. Shakespeare (translation by B. Pasternak)
6. “The King's Campaign”, folk-song (translation by S. Marshak)

Seven Romances on poems by Alexander Blok, vocal-Instrumental Suite for soprano, violin, cello and piano, Op. 127
1. “Ophelia’s Song”
2. “Gamayun, Bird of Prophecy”
3. “That Troubled Night”
4. “Deep in Sleep”
5. “The Storm”
6. “Secret Signs”
7. “Music”

Elena Zelenskaya (soprano)
Pyotr Migunov (bass)
Alexander Mayboroda (violin)
Pyotr Kondrashin (cello)
Alexei Goribol (piano)