Beethoven Hall
October 5, 19:30
Part I

Two Pieces for string quartet, Op. 11
1. Elegy
2. Polka

Songs of Fool
from music to Bolshoi Drama Theatre performance of King Lear, Op. 58a

From Front Ways Songs.
Compositions by various authors arranged for voice, violin and cello
David Pritsker. "A Girl Song" to verses by A. Churkina
Isaak Dunaevsky. “A Sea Song” to verses by P. Belov
Isaak Dunaevsky. “Anyuta’s Song” to verses by V. Lebedev-Kumach, from the film “The Merry Fellows”
Isaak Dunaevsky. “Sing for us, wind” to verses by V. Lebedev-Kumach, from the film “The Children of Captain Grant”

Four Verses of Captain Lebyadkin” for bass and piano
(to words by Fyodor Dostoevsky from the novel Demons), Op. 146
1. The Love of Captain Lebyadkin
2. The Cockroach
3. The Ball for the Benefit of Governess
4. A shining personality

Part II

Satires (Pictures of the Past), five romances on words by Sasha Chorny for soprano and piano, Op. 109
1. To a Critic
2. Spring Awakening
3. Descendants
4. Misunderstanding
5. Kreutzer Sonata

Anti-Formalist Rayok for four basses, mixed chorus, piano and narrator (1948/1968)

Olga Kulchinskaya (soprano)
Maxim Paster (tenor)
Pyotr Migunov (bass)
Alexander Mayboroda (violin)
Alexei Kolbin (violin)
Dmitry Usov (viola)
Pyotr Kondrashin (cello)
Alexei Goribol (piano)

The chamber choir of Moscow conservatory
Music Director - Alexander Soloviev Choreographer - Natalia Somonova Festival Artistic Director - Alexei Goribol