LeCorsaire. Photo by Damir Yusupov.
LeCorsaire. Photo by Damir Yusupov.
The Taming of the Shrew.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
The Taming of the Shrew.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Nutcracker.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Romeo and Juliet.Model of the set.
Romeo and Juliet.
Model of the set.
Lady of the Camellias.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Lady of the Camellias.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Giselle.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Coppelia.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.

Live cinema relays 2017-2018

Thanks to the Bolshoi’s cooperation with Pathé Live and Bel Air Media, the Company’s ballet productions are now shown in real time at cinemas throughout the world. There has been a huge response to this Bolshoi Ballet on the Big Screen project. Bolshoi productions can now be viewed by audiences in cities and countries across the world. In May 2011, the project was extended to Russia where the CoolConnections Company is now the exclusive distributor of live cinema relays of our ballets.

Eight Bolshoi ballets from the Company’s 242nd (2017-18) season are to be relayed in HD on the big screen: four in real time, four in recorded versions. As with the present season, these relays will be shown on Sundays. Taking part in these live relays and repeat performances are one thousand cinemas in fifty countries across the world, including thirty cities in Russia (about forty cinemas).

For a complete list of these worldwide cities and cinemas go to pathelive.com or visit bolshoiballetincinema.com.

For a list of the relevant cities and cinemas in Russia and Kazakhstan go to www.theatreHD.ru the What’s On section and the www.coolconnections.ru site.

All the cinemas taking part in the project are equipped with special satellite antenna, digital receiver, state-of-the-art cinema-theatre equipment and auditoria which enable viewers to watch shows in comfort.

Pathé Live produces and distributes the Bolshoi Ballet shows in cinemas. It is a subsidiary of Gaumont-Pathe which, since 2008, has been the European leader in the distribution of mixed programs for cinemas. At the present moment the Bolshoi Ballet screenings are available in 1,700 cinemas in over 60 countries worldwide. Thanks to its unique high-definition system and satellite video broadcasting, Pathé Live guarantees high quality live relays and recorded shows in cinemas across the world. PatheLive presents shows of concerts, ballets, operas and sporting events in 2D and 3D and is the lst Company to spearhead 3D live relays.

Russian Distributor

CoolConnections, a Moscow-based Russian art-group, is the Russian distributor of live relays from the world’s leading theatres: in 2011, it spearheaded live relays in Russia from the Metropolitan Opera, The Met: Live In HD. In 2012, CoolConnections likewise organized live relays (National Theatre Live) in Russia of London’s Royal National Theatre productions, kicking off with Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein. In the 2012-2013 live relay cinema season, dance and ballet productions from the Netherlands Dans Theater (An Evening at NDT) and the Bolshoi (Bolshoi Ballet on the Big Screen) were added to the Met Opera and National Theatre shows. From 2013 CoolConnections has also become the distributor in Russia of Royal Shakespeare Company productions (Richard II with David Tennant in the lead) and of productions (the greatest hit was Twelfth Night with Stephen Fry) at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

The first live Bolshoi Ballet on the Big Screen relay to Russian cinemas took place on 12 May 2013.

Relays of the 242nd season

Adolphe Adam
Le Corsaire
Choreographers: Alexei Ratmansky, Yuri Burlaka
after M. Petipa
Live relay  
22 October 2017

to music by Dmitry Shostakovich
The Taming of the Shrew
Choreographer: Jean-Christophe Maillot
Recorded Relay
26 November 2017

Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Choreographer: Yuri Grigorovich
Recorded Relay
17 December 2017

Sergei Prokofiev
Romeo and Juliet
Choreographer: Alexei Ratmansky
Live Relay
21 January 2018

to music by Frédéric Chopin
Lady of the Camellias
Choreographer: John Neumeier
Recorded Relay
4 February 2018

Boris Asafiev
The Flames of Paris
Choreographer: Alexei Ratmansky    
(with use of the original choreography by V. Vainonen)
Live Relay
4 March 2018

to music by Adolphe Adam
Choreography by J. Coralli, J. Perrot, M. Petipa
in Yuri Grigorovich version 
Recorded relay
8 April 2017

Leo Delibes
Choreography by M. Petipa, E. Cecchetti
in Sergei Vikharev version
Live relay
10 June 2018