Dedicated to Vladimir Vasiliev


On 18 April, in a crowded auditorium with an absolutely emotional majority of devoted admirers, we were supposed to celebrate anniversary of both The Bolshoi and world ballet legend, Vladimir Vasiliev, People's Artist of the USSR. As ever, hero of the day, did not plan to remain idle. Being passionate and active by nature, anniversary has always been a chance for him to meet with his audience again. It was intended to show And the eternal light will shine of Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre on Historic Stage, which should have been premiered in Kazan the day before. Vladimir Vasiliev should have united three roles into a single one – Director, choreographer & performer of the leading part. Light would have become the pinnacle of the celebration program, where The Bolshoi would have included three iconic performances associated with his name.

We have kept the sequence – it was precise order of how these ballets entered Vladimir Vasiliev’s life, and he – in their history. We would show Don Quixote on 13 April, The Nutcracker on 14 April, and Spartacus on 15 April.

27 May 1962
Vasiliev performs as Basilio for the first time.
12 March 1966
Premiere of the famous version of The Nutcracker by Yuri Grigorovich; Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev are in the leading parts.
9 April 1968
Premiere of the famous version of Spartacus by Yuri Grigorovich; Vladimir Vasiliev – first Spartacus, Ekaterina Maximova – first Phrygia.

Festival could have taken place, and we are confident, would have been a grand event. Yet birthday itself, infinite love of the audience, massive flow of warm wishes cannot be called off by any COVID-19. We are still hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel – a footlight. But while there is no shine, we will try to catch one coming from our screens.

18 April
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documentary, homage to life and art of Vladimir Vasiliev.

The Bolshoi Theatre performance; recording – 20 October 2013.