Festival In Honor of Pyotr Iliych Tchaikovsky


Festival to commemorate 180th anniversary of Pyotr Iliych Tchaikovsky will be held from September to December on all stages of the Bolshoi Theatre. Program includes four operas, five ballets and five concert programs.

The Nutcracker (23, 24 September, conductors – Pavel Klinichev, Pavel Sorokin) and Swan Lake (26, 27 September, conductors – Tugan Sokhiev, Alexey Bogorad) will continue the program.

The Nutcracker is a main hit of winter repertoire not only of the Bolshoi Theatre, but also at all music theatres around the globe. Permanently and for a long time, it is associated with the magical period of waiting for a miracle and sensing something new and uncharted. Musical critic Boris Asafyev wrote about this ballet: “The Nutcracker is absolutely another and solitary phenomenon: it is a symphony about childhood. Or rather when childhood is on watershed. When hopes of unknown adolescence are already troubling the mind, yet children’s skills and fears are not faded away... When dreams entail thoughts and feelings forward, into subconscious – into anticipated life. Like walls of children’s room slide open, and hero and heroine’s thoughts and dreams break out into fresh air – into the forest, nature, towards wind, blizzard, to the stars and pink ocean of hopes”. Yuri Grigorovich noted about his Nutcracker production: “I was dreaming about the embodiment of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. I wanted to express his genius music from my own understanding. In other words, I decided to completely entrust the composer and his score. So after the premiere I could say –I just listened to music and followed it”. This performance became one of the theatre’s signature. It was shown more than a hundreds of times during tours in different countries, repeatedly it was recorded and broadcasted. Yuri Grigorovich’s The Nutcracker was staged over fifty years ago at the Bolshoi, and each time met ongoing success.

The leading parts in the September series will be performed by Margarita Shrayner, Anna Nikulina (Marie), David Motta Soares, Vladislav Lantratov (The Nutcracker-Prince).

Swan Lake is Tchaikovsky’s first ballet and it was created thanks to the Bolshoi. “I am writing music for ballet Swan Lake upon invitation from the Moscow direction. I wanted to try this form of music for a long time” – Tchaikovsky shared with Rimsky-Korsakov. Swan Lake was meant to become a major ballet in Russian repertoire, while his author – a reformer of the genre. At the Bolshoi, Swan Lake was staged time and again. Few revivals were presented by Alexander Gorsky (to one of them Nemirovich-Danchenko laid a hand himself), later – Asaf Messerer. Yuri Grigorovich first staged his version in 1969. In his interpretation, ballet was transformed from a fairy tale into a philosophical parable about duality between good and evil, with a theme of evil fate, illusion and duality. However, to the fullest extent, ballet was manifested in 2001 only – this version that we now have at the Bolshoi.

In the leading parts – Olga Marchenkova, Ekaterina Krysanova, Alyona Kovalyova (Odette-Odile), Artem Ovcharenko, Artemy Belyakov, Jacopo Tissi (Prince Siegfried), Mikhail Kryuchkov, Fuad Mamedov, Egor Gerashchenko (The Evil Genius).

Festival full program