As Odette-Odile in Swan Lake.Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Odette-Odile in Swan Lake.
Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Magnolia in Cipollino.Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Magnolia in Cipollino.
Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Lyuska in The Golden Age.Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Lyuska in The Golden Age.
Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Lyuska in The Golden Age.Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
As Lyuska in The Golden Age.
Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
In the title part in Raumonda. Alexander Volchkov as Jean de Brienne.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
In the title part in Raumonda. Alexander Volchkov as Jean de Brienne.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
In the title part in Giselle.Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
In the title part in Giselle.
Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
As Polyhymnia in Apollon Musagète. Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Polyhymnia in Apollon Musagète. Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Anastasia in Ivan the Terrible.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Anastasia in Ivan the Terrible.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Medora in Le Corsaire.Vladislav Lantratov as Conrad.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Medora in Le Corsaire.
Vladislav Lantratov as Conrad.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Medora in Le Corsaire.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Medora in Le Corsaire.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Shireen in A Legend of Love.Denis Rodkin as Ferkhad.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Shireen in A Legend of Love.
Denis Rodkin as Ferkhad.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Russian Seasons. 'Couple in Green'.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
Russian Seasons. 'Couple in Green'.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.


In 2004, she was a recipient of a Triumph youth grant prize.



Born in Moscow. In 2002, she completed her training at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (teacher Elena Vatulya) with distinction and joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company. She rehearsed under the late Yekaterina Maximova. In 2004, at the age of 19, she danced Odette-Odile for the first time.
Today her teacher-repetiteur is Nina Semizorova.


Sylph/four sylps (H. Levenskiold’s La Sylphide; choreography by A. Bournonville, E. M. von Rosen's version) )
nd variation in The Shadows (L. Minkus' La Bayadere, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich's version)
Part in the ballet Passacaille to music by A. von Webern (choreography by R. Petit)
Friend/friends to Giselle, Two Wilis (Giselle by A. Adam, choreography by J. Coralli, J. Perrot, M.Petipa, Y. Grigorovich's version)
Odette-Odile (Swan Lake, choreography by A. Gorsky, L.Ivanov, Y. Grigorovich's second version)
Fairy of Audacity (The Sleeping Beauty by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)
Two pairs’ in Part 3 (Symphony in C to music by G. Bizet, choreography by G. Balanchine)
Magnolia (K. Khachaturian’s Cipollino, choreography by G. Mayorov)

Final Waltz and Apotheosis (Nutcracker by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)
Congo (C. Pugni's La Fille du Pharaon, production by P. Lacotte after M. Petipa)
Friend/friends to Shireen (A Legend of Love by A. Melikov, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)
Swan/Three Swans (Swan Lake)
Henriette (Raymonda by A. Glazunov, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich's version)
Temptation (Les Presages to music by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by L. Massine)
2nd Variation in Grand Pas (L. Minkus' Don Quixote, choreography by M. Petipa, A. Gorsky, A. Fadeyechev's version)
Spanish Doll (Nutcracker)

3rd variation in The Shadows (La Bayadere)
Lyuska (The Golden Age by D. Shostakovich, choreography by Y.Grigorovich)
Friend/friends to the Prince (Swan Lake)
The Queen of the Dryads (Don Quixote)
Fairy of Tenderness (The Sleeping Beauty) — debut on the Bolshoi Theatre tour to Novosibirsk
(Jeu de cards by I. Stravinsky, choreography by A. Ratmansky)
Marie (Nutcracker)

Soloist (In the Upper Room, music by P. Glass, choreography by T. Tharp)
Pas de Trois des Odalisques (Le Corsaire by A. Adam, production and new choreography by A. Ratmansky and Y. Burlaka after M. Petipa)
Part in
Class Concert to music by A. Glazunov, A. Lyadov, A. Rubinstein, D. Shostakovich, choreography by A. Messerer)
(Cinderella by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Possokhov, director Y. Borisov)

Mime/mimes (Spartacus by A. Khachaturyan, choreography by Yuri Grigorovich)
(B. Asafiev’s The Flames of Paris, production and new choreography by A. Ratmansky after V. Vainonen)
(Spartacus) — debut on the Bolshoi Theatre tour to Hong Kong
Title role (Giselle, V. Vasiliev's version)
Couple in Claret Red
(Russian Seasons by L. Desyatnikov, choreography by A. Ratmansky) — among the creators at the Bolshoi Theatre

Fleur de Lys (Esmeralda by C. Pugni, choreography by M. Petipa, staging and new choreographic version by Y. Burlaka and V. Medvedev)

La Priere
(Coppelia by L. Delibes, choreography by M. Petipa and E. Cecchetti; revival and new choreographic version by S. Vikharev)
Juliet (Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)
Lilac Fairy (The Sleeping Beauty)
The title part (Raymonda)
The title part (Giselle, Y. Grigorovich’s version)
Quintet (Herman Schmerman to music by T. Willems; choreography by W. Forsythe)

(La Bayadere)
Princess Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty)

(Dream of Dream to music by S. Rachmaninov, choreography by J. Elo)
Polyhymnia (Apollon Musagète by I. Stravinsky, choreography by G. Balanchine) — creation at the Bolshoi Theatre
Anastasia (Ivan the Terrible to music by Sergei Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)

(Le Corsaire)

(A Legend of Love)
Couple in Green
(Russian Seasons)

She took part in the Bolshoi Theatre Studio of New Choreography workshop, dancing Aurora in Riccardo Drigo’s Rosary Pas de quatre from the ballet The Awakening of Flora (choreography by M. Petipa, reconstructed by Y. Burlaka) and the Carpets Pas de quatre from C. Pugni’s The Humpbacked Horse (choreography by A. Gorsky, reconstructed by Y. Burlaka; 2004), and likewise — with Denis Savin — she appeared in the number Acquisition to music by S. Rachmaninov, produced by Y.Klevtsov (2006).
In 2007, she appeared in the ballet Old Ladies Falling Out to music by L. Desyatnikov (choreography by A. Ratmansky), which was shown first at the Territory Festival, and then under the auspices of the Studio of New Choreography workshop.